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Membership is free

There's never a fee to join a collaboration or to become a member.  We never ask for your credit card.  We never require you to post.  Join collabs you like and delete the rest.

Get rewarded for your influence 

{ApexDrop} is so easy. Just create a profile and sit back and relax. They’ll send you an email if they have a gig they think fits you and then you choose wether or not to participate. They ship you products, you have 7 days to post, then send them your links; done. Easy peasy!   IG: Honestlymommy 
  • How do I apply to become an ApexInfluencer™?
  • What exactly is a "trade collaboration"?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How is this free? How does ApexDrop make money?
  • Is there a contract?